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velents - appsumo lifetime deal

Velents – AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Velents is an AI-powered end-to-end screening platform for analyzing and ranking prospects. It’s an alternative to HireVue.

You may save time and money by using Velents on-demand video interviews.

The AI-powered software can assess candidates’ video interviews and recommend the best hires.

It removes unconscious bias and finds the proper talent for the task.

Tech talent vetting should be easy. Many pre-made code examinations for programmers, developers, and engineers.

Even non-technical recruiters with no technological experience can develop many assessments depending on seniority and job description.

After a candidate completes an assessment, the program may objectively rank their results.

Live coding interviews allow you to analyze candidates’ programming skills and creative thinking in real-time.

Share open positions with candidates via SMS and WhatsApp.

Candidates can also respond to queries and provide resumes via WhatsApp.

No more Google Forms and Excel Sheets. Instead, you can create a candidate database or consolidate answers in a dashboard.

Velents’ AI can examine candidates’ personalities through interviews, or an in-house psychologist can design tests based on your hiring needs.

Recruiters and HR managers hate mass recruiting, but Velents has you covered.

Your job descriptions and competencies will be submitted to job boards in minutes.

Use video interviews to meet dozens of prospects in an hour before in-person interviews.

With Velents’ ranking criteria, you may quickly compare applicants based on objective criteria.

Discover Velents – Lifetime Deal.

Lifetime Deal
9.3/10Our Score

Velents is an AI-powered end-to-end screening platform for assessing and ranking candidates across all stages of the hiring process. Alternative to HireVue.

An AI-powered platform for recruiting and hiring candidates

✅ Custom logo and branding
✅ Video and structured interviews
✅ WhatsApp (text to apply)
✅ Pre-interview tests and assessments
✅ Interview builder
✅ 10 coding assessments per month
✅ Sourcing assistant
✅ Case study tracking
✅ Access 1,000+ job descriptions

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